EPI was founded in 2009 at the request of a number of leading Rabbis, to address the needs of people from our community who lost their jobs due to the economic downturn. Lost and without direction, EPI consults with each individual assessing their aptitude, rewriting their resumes, retraining, upgrading their technical skills, improving their interviewing skills, and inspiring and motivating them to move beyond the hurdles.


We live in challenging times on many levels. It is likely that someone on your block or someone sitting near you in shul is facing a life altering situation. Push yourself to approach them and see if they are okay or could use some assistance.

EPI is here for you as a resource and a concierge. We can suggest options and direct you in how to get the best assistance. We will persevere until the relief or solution are met. One thing is certain – as you help to enhance their situation, your life will be enhanced as well by the effort.

Wishing you much hatzlocha!

Zisha and the EPI team